Doc's BBQ Smokeshack
634 Bypass Rd Brandenburg, Kentucky 40108
(270) 422-2727

About Us

Doc's BBQ Smokeshack is dedicated to providing you the best food and particularly, the best BBQ around! Our service is unmatched and our cooking is unbelievable. We specialize in down-home country cookin' so you can get a true experience with southern cuisine. We use only the freshest ingredients and the most qualified techniques to provide you with a meal you'll never forget!

Our master chef, Doc Oblander perfected the art of smokin' meat in the traditional western style while he spent some time in Oklahoma. When he came back to Kentucky, he applied this new skill and opened up a portable BBQ stand.

Within a year's time, he was so successful and popular among customers, he was inspired to open up a restaurant. Now, with a stable location, Doc's BBQ Smokeshack is more popular than ever! Not only can you dine-in with us but we will cater for any event as well.

634 Bypass Rd In Brandenburg, KY